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Tile Roof Restoration

A tile roof is a beautiful element of the home, that not only works efficiently to protect the home from harsh weather, but also has structural integrity that helps it withstand in adverse conditions. This beautiful aspect of the home can however give way and this results in broken tiles etc. that need tile roof restoration. Instead of going for a new one, you could save expenses by restoring the present one.

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What does a tile roof restoration Adelaide involve?

The roof consists of tiles that overlap and are attached to the deck in a kind of pattern. There are several kinds of tiles that can be used, ranging from clay tiles to concrete ones to slate ones that are more durable than the rest. Each kind has its own pros and cons and this is why when it comes to the restoration, the material of the tiles needs to be taken into consideration.

During the process of restoration, the first step is to clean the dirt and grime that has settled on the surface and in the niches. Once this superficial dirt is cleaned, the next step is to inspect for what damages can be seen. These include broken tiles, broken cementing, ridges that have given way. 

Often there is mould that is seen to grow in the cracks and the gutters. This could hamper the flow of water and cause flooding and thus is targeted during the repair process.

Once the entire process has been seen and taken care of, the roof restoration will be primed and a coat will then be applied on the surface.

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Roof replacement or roof restoration?

Homeowners often face the dilemma of whether they should go in for a replacement or a restoration. A replacement costs more and is only seen as a last resort when nothing can be done to salvage the damage. Restoration on the other hand is when the various aspects are tended to and roof repairs in order to have the roofing concerns addressed and prolong its longevity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A – There are many signs that your roof may be giving way and is in need of restoration. These include shingles that are missing or broken, spotting granules in the draining system, mould growing in the cracks and flooding of the property.

A – This can be done at times but depends upon the kind of material that the roof is made of. In the case that this is possible, a moisture barrier is installed over the old roof and then the restored portion over this.

A – Once every year is when you should have an annual inspection done to check that your roof’s health is in order. The experts from Dial a Gutter Cleaner can come and check for signs of damage and deterioration.

A – A roof that is leaking is often due to damaged shingles and gutters and improper drainage. Thus, this can be resolved by fixing the underlying issues.

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Contact our professionals to assess your roof’s condition and learn what services can help. We’ll analyze the property, diagnose any problems you may have had in past repairs or construction projects on-site and find accurate solutions to these issues.

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