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When there is debris that gets accumulated in the niches of the roof, these can become stubborn over time and refuse to come off with the regular washing methods. In this case, pressure cleaning is used. The high pressure forces the dirt out of the spaces and gives you a roof that looks as good as new. Dial a Gutter Cleaner is your solution to all your roofing concerns.

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What does pressure cleaning include?

Power washing is another term that is used when high pressures are employed to get rid of the dirt that is stuck onto surfaces. During this process, advanced technology is used and the spray of the jet falls under a certain pressure range so as to detach the grime from the surface and leave it looking clean. 

The concept used is that the water travels at a high speed that is as high as around 200 times the pressure of the air around. This narrow jet has immense kinetic energy that is stored within it and thus when it falls upon a surface, it knocks off the dirt. While the force of the stream is high enough to remove grime, it is not harsh enough to damage the surface.

The experts at Dial a Gutter Cleaner are committed to improving the look and feel of the roof and giving you assurance that it is well equipped to protect your home.

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Things to keep in mind while going in for a pressure washer gutter cleaning

Inspite of having an array of advantages, this form of cleaning does require supervision and needs to be carried out by professionals. This is because a slight increase in pressure could actually be harmful to the tiles of the roof. In addition to this, during the process, the surroundings tend to get dirty due to the grime that is removed from the surface. Hence, professional gear and attire are needed. 

While soft washing does not manage to get rid of the grime as well, you can be certain that the power washer will help with your roof high pressure cleaning. This exterior cleaning gets rid of leaves and debris end even stubborn dirt. Get a free quote today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A – No. There is equipment specifically designed for the process that will be needed. In addition to this, proper regulation of the pressures needs to be done and thus it is recommended that you reach out to a professional for the same.

A –  Not too frequently, as if there is no accumulated dirt, you could actually be removing layers of the surface itself. Annually seems to be a good option, but you could consult the experts who would assess the roof and let you know.

A –  Not when you have the professionals from Dial a Gutter Cleaner overseeing every aspect of the process and the minute details. You can be completely confident that your home is getting the best possible treatment.

A –  This depends upon the kind of grime you are dealing with. While cold water is usually the done thing for removing dirt, hot water can be used when it comes to grease or oil as these sometimes become difficult to be removed with room temperature water.

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