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Dial a Gutter Cleaner is Australia’s premier gutter cleaning adelaide and repair service that aims to improve the quality of your roofs and gutters by offering supreme service that does not leave you disappointed. If you are looking for the installation of gutter guards, you have come to the right place. We offer great services at cost-effective prices so that you will have everything you need.

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What are gutter guards?

Also known by the names gutter screens and helmets and protection gutter guard adelaide, these are elements that are placed on the gutters in order to redirect the flow of water and debris and thus saving you a lot of money that would otherwise go into repair and restoration. 

Usually, these guards are made of a wire mesh kind of material and they are placed over the gutters. This mesh kind of network ensures that whatever debris is flowing down the gutter will be caught, while the water continues to flow into it. In this type of guard, small debris often finds its way into the system due to its size. 

Gutter helmets are another arrangement that serves to let the water roll over by employing the concept of static friction, holding the debris back from the gutter and having them roll onto the ground. They protect your roofs in the long run by preventing clogging from occurring and thus increasing longevity.

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How are gutter guards installed?

They are positioned under the roofing material and care is taken that clamps are installed in order to secure them in place. There are several kinds that you can choose from such as screen, foam, brush, surface tension, mesh and micro mesh. Depending upon the type that you choose, our experts will carry out the fit process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: It is recommended that you reach out for professional expertise while installing gutter guards. This is because the guards need to be installed by an authorised dealer in order to secure them in place and prevent calamities. In addition, prior to installing these guards, the functioning of the gutters is checked and this needs to be done by certified experts.

A: When you reach out to our experts, we send a team over to take measurements of the gutter. The size of the guard will depend upon the gutter dimensions and then accordingly, the experts will fit the guard in and secure it in place with clamps to get the best efficiency.

A: Yes. The guards are designed to handle a heavy downpour without causing damage to the gutters by clogging. If however, the downpour that you witness in your area is too heavy, you may want to go in for a perforated rainwater diverter that is wide and dissipates the rainwater. The guards need to be cleaned often in order to remove any debris that may have entered.

A: Installing guards under the roof’s shingles would involve lifting the shingles to do so and thus compromising your roof’s barrier in turn. We offer guards that can be installed without this damage, and provide you with the best efficiency.

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