How long does a roof restoration take?

Are you looking to upgrade your roof? We’ve prepared a detailed guide that addresses all the possible queries related to roof restoration. Let’s dive in!

Nowadays, aesthetics is on the top of the list while constructing a home. The exterior of any house is responsible for forming the first impression. Therefore, people spend many dollars on their roofs and walls. Moreover, approximately 40% of roof upgrades in Australia are done to enhance the beauty of a home.

However, the reason behind getting a roof repaired is not just limited to its appearance. Another factor includes functionality which is vital for many reasons. Making it compatible with solar power systems is another important reason.

Wondering what other grounds can be the motivation behind reinstating a roof? Keep reading to know more.

Roof restoration: All questions answered

As discussed above, many factors might encourage one to go for the restoration process.

In worst-case scenarios, replacing roof tiles is the only option. However, re-establishing your roof will save money to avoid burning frequent holes in your pocket. For instance, roof repair costs $25 per square foot. Whereas restoring can cost around $11 per square foot.

In the process of restoration, protective coatings are added to extend the life of your roof. This layer can easily guard against rain, hail, snow, debris, etc. Thus, you get a better functioning roof. Studies confirm that people who go to replace roofs rather than repairs can add another 10-15 years of the roof’s life. So, coatings will provide you ample time to save for repairs if needed in the future.

An old roof can be dangerous if not looked after properly. To exemplify, even a tiny leak can lead to water build-up. With this water retention, moisture will spread throughout your roof. This may weaken the foundation and indeed lead to mould formation. Thus, all these dangers can cause harm or injury. A brand new roof assures the safety of your home or workplace.

Rodents and pests can damage your roof more than you can imagine. Rats, squirrels, birds, and snakes always look for a home. Thus, they can lead to more destruction. Services related to restoring will assist in guarding your property against the attack of these agents. Moreover, if action is not taken at the right time, it can become a costly affair.

This is the reason why restoration expenditure should never be avoided or delayed. However, what is the signs that hint toward restoring your house cover?

When do you need it?

Your roof is constantly sending you signals regarding its health. Here are a few of them:

Have you ever noticed some dark spots, bubbles, or moisture on your ceiling? They are all hinting toward leaks and are widely found in old roofs. Water entering from your rooftop can lead to the weak structural integrity of your home. These internal leaks can reach the wiring system, potentially harmful to human life.

Due to harsh weather conditions, age, debris, animals, etc. may lead to cracked or broken tiles. These tiles act as a protective layer to your rooftop. Removing it will lead to tiny holes that can progress with time. Insects, rainwater, and mould can enter your house.

Experts have discovered that the lifespan of a rooftop ranges from 20 to 25 years. Above this period, it will start facing significant issues and demand repairs. Different types of materials have different life cycles. For instance, Aluminium is less long-lasting than metal. Due to the vulnerability of your rooftop, infiltration through water, insects, algae, and weather will start. It is an evident hint to replace or repair a rooftop.

┬áLast but not least, the fading colour of the tiles is a solid indicator of age. It also hints toward deterioration of the protective layer, leaving your rooftop open to damage. In addition, your home’s appeal will be severely affected.

Now that you favour restoring the rooftop, let’s discuss the time it may take to complete the process.

How long does it take?

The period it will take depends upon the size of your roof. Although, most restoring is done within 7 to 10 days. Other variables include-

The weather condition is a factor that is beyond the control of us humans. Rain can hinder the process by days or sometimes by weeks.

The number of employees working on your rooftop at a given rate decides the pace of performance. This matter is in the hands of your restoring agency to dedicate appropriate human resources for your property. Furthermore, you can pay an extra price for labour to wrap up the work as soon as possible; you can pay an additional cost for labour.

Different companies function differently. To exemplify, we have mentioned the whole procedure down below-

It should be noted that it takes around 2 to 3 days to finish the process in case of a complete replacement. The decision should be made carefully after weighing both the alternatives.

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